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           Welcome to the Copythorne Pre-School Website

The Pre-School was first established in 1965 and is held at Copythorne Parish Hall on Pollards Moor Road. We are a community Pre-School based in a lovely rural area covering Copythorne, Bartley, Cadnam, Newbridge, Winsor, Ower, Old Calmore, West Totton, Netley Marsh, Brook and Minstead although children from any local area are always most welcome to attend. Our Pre-School is a Registered Charity run by a Committee of parents and carers. We are registered and inspected by Ofsted and a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.



The aims of our pre-school are to enhance the development  and education of children under statutory school age in a parent-involving community based group; to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment and to work within a framework which ensures that all children and families have equal opportunities.

We offer your child

• A specially tailored curriculum following the nationally set Early Learning Goals
• Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children
• Fun and friendship by other children and adults
• The support of a personal keyworker
• Regular opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your childs own progress

We were inspected by OFSTED in March 2010  and gained stage 1 accreditation in April 2008 from the Pre-School Learning Alliance. Our up to date policies are always available for parents to read in Pre-School.



We now have a diary system in place so we can post news.  We feel this will help to keep all concerned with the school up to date so please feel free to contact us with any news.

You can contact us here, or click here to go to our online diary.